DJ Marcussen, Writer Of All Things Light


What wakes you up in a panic, or triggers your fear response when life becomes too much for you? What saves you from yourself? Nature? Science? Religion? Where do you put your hope?

I cling to all things LIGHT. In all it’s facets. An integration of faith, logic, and the hope of change.

I began my adult life’s journey fresh out of university as a musician. From there life took me down many paths in various directions: as a teacher, a performer, an artist, a statistician, a Master Gardener, and a writer.

God willing I will travel many more roads and find kindred spirits along the way, before finally coming face to face with He who is the Light Of The World.

Only when we reach that final destination will we truely understand the nature of Light. I suspect it’s going to be a hell of a revelation.


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