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Amber discovery indicates Lyme disease is older than human race

The info in this article on tick borne illness is an example of how little we really know about the diseases that affect us and where they originate from. More and more, we are discovering that the ailments that affect us today have their seeds in our evolution.



CORVALLIS, Ore. – Lyme disease is a stealthy, often misdiagnosed disease that was only recognized about 40 years ago, but new discoveries of ticks fossilized in amber show that the bacteria which cause it may have been lurking around for 15 million years – long before any humans walked on Earth.

The findings were made by researchers from Oregon State University, who studied 15-20 million-year-old amber from the Dominican Republic that offer the oldest fossil evidence ever found of Borrelia, a type of spirochete-like bacteria that to this day causes Lyme disease. They were published in the journal Historical Biology.

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